Welcome to The Spiritual, Motivation & Wellness Web Side. You can set Your Goals so Big that You Can Not Achieve it Until You Grow In to the Person Who Can and You only Limit by Your Own Labels and Descibtions, by Yours Own Terms.. We can Help you find out Through Your Spirituality, What is, You Did Not Do, to Become Person You Always Want to Become........You Are Power of One....You are Power of One...Just Imagine...Outcome You Want, and the Outcome Become Your Reality.....You are Power of One......We're Here to Serve you!

Yours Spirituality

Your Immagination! Why 21 Millions Account from China has been Deleted? Why "they" Lack Up over 3 Millions people at homes? Why "they" want You think You may "needed" "Vacine" with "cookie" in it? Terror by Vacine for Immaginery Viruses!!! https://www.bitchute.com/video/yrgOyP8jrW6f/ Every person have right be happy and loved, no mare the age and race. Every person should respect them self and others. I AM Spiritual Care Giver.

New Way of Thinking, Spread Rapidly Worldwide.

Are you Ready to become the ONE? The One Who Know?

"You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war."- Albert Einstein

Spirituality is Knowing, Expending Your Knowledge, Celebrate and Cultivate Your Body & Mind, Every Day!

Knowledge - is Power, Lack of Knowledge is Lack of Power!

Coaching Sessions, Coach Groups and Individuals - Preacher, Educator, Visionary, Motivational Speaker

Master Zen says; "think for yourself, and don't believe anything, even if your master or someone well-respected has said it. Be critical of everything, and live in the present.

You Assist an Evil System Most Effectively by Obeying It Is Orders and Decrees. An Evil System Never Deserves Such Allegiance. Allegiance to it Means Partaking of the Evil. A Good Person Will Resist an Evil System with His or Her Whole Soul. - Mahatma Gandhi

We will at the workshop, help individuals on personal growth and fulfillment, and empowers persons with the knowledge that the Presence of God is Within all Individuals, Living Together in a Spiritual Universe.

Coaching Sessions, Groups and Individuals

Educator, Motivational Speaker, Visionary, Food Psychology Coaching.

How to 'Reclaim' Your 'Mind' from Mental Dependency.

You Are the ONE! You are Creator and You Can Promote Your Health, Your Power & Wellness with Knowledge and Your Increased Spirituality. Religion, Science and Philosophy = is ONE.

Posses Knowledge of One and Use Your Power to Create!

Any Person Who Participate in to Prosperity, MUST Prosper Him Self.

SPIRITUALITY EQUAL TRUTH Be in Service, Create, Build, Work, Dream It is Your Life! You Design IT!

I believe that the people who are Following a Spiritual Path are Promoting Peace for them Self's, for the Earth and for "Other People".

Respect and Cooperation is the Key.



When You Reacting to Something, You React with Yours FEELINGS (ENERGY) AND YOU CHOOSE what Feelings and Energy You Generate.

Did you know new research has already proven that your energetic frequency can prevent you from achieving the life you desire no matter how hard you try or what law of attraction or personal growth tool you use?

If you control your feelings, you will generate Only positive/Love Feelings.

You Will Learn Control Negative Energy and Feelings or You Will Learn to Build Shield Against any Negative Feeling Coming at You or Completely Ignore Them.

The Laws of Nature gives Evidence that they are Under the Control of a Universal Plan.

Man is the only living creature equipped with Power of Choice Through which he May Establish his Own Thought and Behaviour Patterns.

You Have the Power to Break Bad Habits and To Create Good Ones in their place - at Will.

We will learn how to Strength Your Will to Help You Achieve Your Goals.

The Purpose of My Workshops Is Intensely Practical Because it Teaches Us How To Use the Mind Principle for Creative Acts, Such as Helping Those Who are Sick, Impoverished, or Unhappy. You Also Will Help Your Self.

Each One of Us Can and Should Learn to Become a Practitioner of this Science, a Demonstrator of its Principle, a Conscious User of its Power. We Are All Creators.

Power Already Exists, but the Existence of Power Is of No Particular Value to Us Until We Use It.

We Must Not only Be Conscious of Power, but We Must Be Actively Conscious Of It.

This is one of the first lessons We learn in the workshop.

Becoming Dedicated to Expend Knowledge, Spiritual and Higher Enlightenment, Is the First Step to Attain Prosperous, Happy, Liberated and Healthy Lives, and We Will Use Deductive Reasoning of the Laws of Science, Opinions and Philosophy, and Revelations of Religions Applied to Human Needs and the Aspirations of Mankind.

Knowledge of Philosophy, Religion and Science is One, but this is only Beginning...

The Idea is; How to Live in Harmony with Spiritual Principles to Promote Greater Peace, Happiness and Joy. Based on Metaphysical Laws and Applying Law of Love, Gratitude, Compassion, Kindness, Authenticity and Intention, We Can Enhances Overall Well-Being, Fulfilling Relationships, and Promotes Increased Creativity and Prosperity. This philosophy is Old like the World.

Our Spirituality is built on the theory that there is One Infinite Mind and that Mind Is In All of Creation. Therefore WithIn Each of Us is the Total and Complete Power of the Mind of The God. It is this same Mind that was in Jesus and many other great teachers throughout history.

This Spiritual Sense of Things is what is Meant by the Consciousness of Christ.

Spirituality is knowing that:

You are Wonderful Light Being. You come to this place for Temporary Visit to Experience Love and Happiness.

Secret of the Ancient

...is Knowing and Realization of Image-in-Action!

Consciousness Provides the Energy of Life

The Power of this Knowledge is so Great, that THEY "Silence" People to Keep Them Quite, for many Millennia.

Power of Thinking with Image-in-Action is Your Power!

THEY Knew, that THEY will Not Control Us if We Know the Secret of Our Powerful Mind in Collective Consciousness.

Learn more & Enhance Your Life with Spirituality & Wellness!

The Evolution of Consciousness

You must Un-Learn what you have been ‘programmed’ to believe from birth. That software no longer serves you if you want to live in a universe where all things are possible. -Jacqueline E. Purcell

The World Is in Crisis and in Transformation. Now, Our Civilization Has the Opportunity to Evolve its Thinking. We are Beginning to Realize that the Old Ways of Competition and 'Survival of the Fittest', Living in Constant Fear, are Not Sustainable for Individuals, Businesses, or the Earth.

You have the Power to Influence Matter and the Physical World with Just the Power of Your Thoughts.


Quantum Mechanics - IS VERY CLEAR ABOUT OUR "REALITY - In 1927 at the Physics Conference in Brussels, Belgium, new propose off the Mind over the Mater was admit.

"All Matter Originates and Exists Only by Virtue of a Force. We Must Assume Behind this Force is the Existence of a Conscious and Intelligent Mind. This Mind is the Matrix of All Matter"

Max Planck - The Father of Quantum Physics 1858-1947

The secret, Mind over matter was known 18 years before first atomic blast 1945.

"Anyone Who Becomes Seriously Involved in the Pursuit of Science Become Convinced that there is a Spirit Manifest in the Laws of the Universe, a Spirit Vastly Superior to that of Man" -Albert Einstein

Knowledge - is Power, Lock of Knowledge is Lock of Power!

Learn All About Your Power You Have!

Coaching Sessions, Coach Groups and Individuals.


What religion is saying How to Be a Human, Hunarable and Decent?

How Religions Describe Spirituality?


Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you.

JUDAISM; The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as one of your citizens; you shall love him as your self.

TAOISM; Regard your neighbour’s gain as your own gain, and your neighbours loss as your own loss.

CHRISTIANITY; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

BUDDHISM; Putting oneself in the place of another, one should not kill nor cause another to kill.

CONFUCIANISM; Never impose on other what you would not choose for your self.

HINDUISM; One should never do that to another which one regards as injurious to one's own self.

Spirituality is knowing that: Every Human is a Necessary and Valuable, Just Like a Cell in that Organism.

Spirituality is: All about Learning to Generate and Hold On To Positive, Healthy Feelings...All the Time!

Spirituality is: It is our True Destiny to Change from a Society based on Fear and Competition, to One based on Love, Peace, and Harmony.

Spirituality is Knowing More: I AM that I AM. Remember, You are Powerful Creator. We All Are.

Spirituality is Knowing More: You are Victim of your Lack of Knowledge and Lack off Will to be FREE.

Spirituality is Knowing More: You Have the Power to Heal Yourself and the Earth. It Starts with the Belief and Imagine, that You Can Do It and Then Actually "Doing It"!

Spirituality is Knowing that: "All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

Spirituality is knowing that: You are Wonderful Light Being. You come to this place for Temporary Visit to Experience Love and Happiness Trough Your Body.

Spirituality is; All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions. — Leonardo da Vinci

Spirituality is; What if your Body Die, and You be spending, many years, in Dark with Your Self...how your memory and "life experience" will help You Being alone, in Dark with Your Self for several Thousand Years?

THEY Want You Believe, that You are Long Descendent of the Monkey!

Perhaps THEY are, but I KNOW, I AM part of the God Design and Part of Him!

THEY Knew, that THEY Will Not Control Us if We Know the Secret of Our Mind in Collective Consciousness.

Remember, You are Powerful Creator. We All Are.

The Quantum Level is Very Sensitive to Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Activity....

When You Increase Your Spirituality,

You Will Do Not Create Evil Anymore...



The laws of nature gives Evidence that they are Under the Control of a Universal Plan.

Man is the only living creature equipped with Power of Choice Through which he May Establish his Own Thought and Behaviour Patterns.

You Have the Power to Break Bad Habits and To Create Good Ones in their place - at Will.

When you Increase Your Spirituality, You will Increase Hunger for Knowledge.

When You Increase Your Knowledge, You will get feeling, that you Know so little and You Must Learn More.

When you Learn more, You Understand More and You will start be Amaze How long You been live your Life without living Your Life in this Reality.

Unless You Understand How Reality is Manifested, Your Destiny and the Destiny of the Earth Will Be in the Hands of the Ruling Elite Who Do PROGRAMING for You with Your Ignorance.

Power of Many Hearts in a State of Unity Have the Awesome Potential to Bring Peace to Our Earth.

What Is a Spirituality Coach?

A Spirituality coach acts as a Motivator, an Educator and an Accountability Partner to Support Individuals in making lasting lifestyle changes that Improve Their Physical, Mental Well-being and addresses the Whole Person,

A Spirituality coach creates awareness by asking questions, backing a variety of strategies, options, supporting action and create this Strong and Lasting Foundation of Awareness Who Client is, what Client Want True the Lasting Change.

A Spirituality coaching by phone allows clients to focus completely on behaviour change and learning. You will learn to take ownership of Your Health and Wellness.

A lot of people need to change their lifestyle in order to make exercise work for them. I will make a lasting difference in the lives of the people who seek personal and physical wellness.


Are you interested in learning the skills necessary to change and maintain motivation for the long term? Now you know what to do.

Make a first step by Realize that You Need Improvements and call me.

You will Glad You Did.


Stay Healthy, Prosper, Love and Forgive.

Enhance Your Life With Spirituality & Wellness!

Be in Service. Dream, Create, Work & Build

Life is Good!

Tips For Happiess

Positive Attitude:

....get in shape and maintain in good
health. You may need strength to pull
yourself from a bad situation

....expect the unexpected. Think what will
happen if... Even when you are on vacation,
when you relax and take it easy, you can still
be exposed to danger of someone Who will Try to "Program" You. You can loose your
wallet, someone may steal your car, or you
can get sick from food poisoning.

....keep your vehicle in good mechanical
condition at all times. Check the oil, cooling
fluid and pay attention to the breaks.

....keep your vehicle fueled. Store 20 gal.
of gas per vehicle. Carry 1-2 gallons of gas in
your car at all times. Carrying an extra quart
of oil as well is not a bad idea.

Just in case:

....make an evacuation plan for your family–
Make sure every member of your family
knows the procedure. Practice at least once
per month. It may save your life.

....maintain a supply of water and food. Not
just in your home, but also have extra food and
water in your car. Pack a bag with enough supplies
for at least one day for each family member. Do
the same for every vehicle you own.

....have a portable short wave radio, CB radio
and scanner ready to go. Also, be sure to learn
how to operate it. Learn now, to be better
prepared later.

....have emergency cooking equipment.
Camping equipment can be ideal for this. Whatever
you would need to camp in the woods for a week.
Try going camping, it is a good experience to have.
Notice if you are missing any supplies that would
make it easier to get things done. If you need
something, buy it right away.

....flashlight and batteries. 5 sets of batteries
for each flashlight, one flashlight for every person
plus one extra flashlight.

....maps and flares. Maps for a 300 mile
square area and 5 flares per person. They are
great for starting a fire, even when everything is
wet. Also, you may need it to protect yourself from
animals and you can use it to call for help.

....pack up your Emergency Bag.
Do not wait.

Monetary Policy Reform

* Establishes three types of United States currency: standard silver coin and gold coin (restores Constitutional currency), and treasury credit-notes * The United States Treasury buys and cancels all outstanding capital stock of the former Federal Reserve Banks * The privately owned Federal Reserve System is abolished, returning ownership of the national currency to the people through a newly created United States Treasury Reserve System * A new Board of Governors of the Treasury Reserve System uses a specific law-mandated plan to maintain and stabilize the exchange value of the currency * The new Board assumes all powers and responsibilities of the former Federal Open Market Committee, eliminating private control of the nation’s monetary system * The existing regional Federal Reserve Banks become Treasury Reserve Banks and continue clearinghouse operations and other bank service functions under the direction of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency * All commercial banks must exchange their income-producing government obligations for treasury credit-notes (reduces the national debt) * Only treasury credit-notes may be held as bank reserves * Fundamental changes are imposed on the repayment of all outstanding fractional reserve loans on secured property—principal must be repaid before the monetizing-fee is paid (applies retroactively to existing mortgages reducing private debt) * A progressive federal excise tax is imposed on the privilege of making commercial loans of currency for profit * Commercial financial institutions such as credit unions are provided, subject to some restriction, with opportunities to operate with fractional reserves America's Spiraling External Debt and the Decline of the US Dollar http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/FRA501A.html  The Great Gold Robbery http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a397ac2da06c8.htm American "New Economy" -- a giant Ponzi pyramid. http://www.apfn.org/money/ponzi.htm Vladimir Putin - Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For Rothschild & Soros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpO3PArAoUQ Ron Paul: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov't Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt4Z3rm4r-4 How Iceland defeated the Anglo-American Bankster Mafia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zlzC_XMQzI 12 Year Old Girl Tells The SHEEPLE the Truth about ROTHSCHILD CORRUPT BANKERS and ECONOMY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1IgiNnOZV4 Ron Paul: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov't Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt4Z3rm4r-4 How Iceland defeated the Anglo-American Bankster Mafia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zlzC_XMQzI 12 Year Old Girl Tells The SHEEPLE the Truth about ROTHSCHILD CORRUPT BANKERS and ECONOMY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1IgiNnOZV4 Ron Paul: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov't Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt4Z3rm4r-4 How Iceland defeated the Anglo-American Bankster Mafia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zlzC_XMQzI $9,000,000,000,000 MISSING From The Federal Reserve SHOCKING FOOTAGE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QK4bblyfsc 9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkPRskciqVM "I've Always Regarded The CIA As A Criminal Organization" Oliver Stone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPUWWVn0-Jo



History Facts

*Hemp has been grown for at least the last 12,000 years for fiber (textiles and paper) and food. It has been effectively prohibited in the United States since the 1950s. *George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp. Ben Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper. Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper. *When US sources of "Manila hemp" (not true hemp) was cut off by the Japanese in WWII, the US Army and US Department of Agriculture promoted the "Hemp for Victory" campaign to grow hemp in the US. *Because of its importance for sails (the word "canvass" is rooted in "cannabis") and rope for ships, hemp was a required crop in the American colonies.

Industry Facts

*Henry Ford experimented with hemp to build car bodies. He wanted to build and fuel cars from farm products. *BMW is experimenting with hemp materials in automobiles as part of an effort to make cars more recyclable. *Much of the bird seed sold in the US has hemp seed (it's sterilized before importation), the hulls of which contain about 25% protein. *Hemp oil once greased machines. Most paints, resins, shellacs, and varnishes used to be made out of linseed (from flax) and hemp oils. *Rudolph Diesel designed his engine to run on hemp oil. *Kimberly Clark (on the Fortune 500) has a mill in France which produces hemp paper preferred for bibles because it lasts a very long time and doesn't yellow. *Construction products such as medium density fiber board, oriented strand board, and even beams, studs and posts could be made out of hemp. Because of hemp's long fibers, the products will be stronger and/or lighter than those made from wood. *The products that can be made from hemp number over 25,000.

Health Facts

*If one tried to ingest enough industrial hemp to get 'a buzz', it would be the equivalent of taking 2-3 doses of a high-fiber laxative. *At a volume level of 81%, hemp oil is the richest known source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (the "good" fats). It's quite high in some essential amino acids, including gamma linoleic acid (GLA), a very rare nutrient also found in mother's milk. *While the original "gruel" was made of hemp seed meal, hemp oil and seed can be made into tasty and nutritional products.

Scientific Facts

*Industrial hemp and marijuana are both classified by taxonomists as Cannabis sativa, a species with hundreds of varieties. C. sativa is a member of the mulberry family. Industrial hemp is bred to maximize fiber, seed and/or oil, while marijuana varieties seek to maximize THC (delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana). *While industrial hemp and marijuana may look somewhat alike to an untrained eye, an easily trained eye can easily distinguish the difference. *Industrial hemp has a THC content of between 0.05 and 1%. Marijuana has a THC content of 3% to 20%. To receive a standard psychoactive dose would require a person to power-smoke 10-12 hemp cigarettes over an extremely short period of time. The large volume and high temperature of vapor, gas and smoke would be almost impossible for a person to withstand. *If hemp does pollinate any nearby marijuana, genetically, the result will always be lower-THC marijuana, not higher-THC hemp. If hemp is grown outdoors, marijuana will not be grown close by to avoid producing lower-grade marijuana. *Hemp fibers are longer, stronger, more absorbent and more mildew-resistant than cotton. *Fabrics made of at least one-half hemp block the sun's UV rays more effectively than other fabrics. *Many of the varieties of hemp that were grown in North America have been lost. Seed banks weren't maintained. New genetic breeding will be necessary using both foreign and domestic "ditchweed," strains of hemp that went feral after cultivation ended. Various state national guard units often spend their weekends trying to eradicate this hemp, in the mistaken belief they are helping stop drug use. *A 1938 Popular Mechanics described hemp as a "New Billion Dollar Crop." That's back when a billion was real money. *Hemp can be made in to a variety of fabrics, including linen quality.

Legal Facts

*The US Drug Enforcement Agency classifies all C. sativa varieties as "marijuana." While it is theoretically possible to get permission from the government to grow hemp, DEA would require that the field be secured by fence, razor wire, dogs, guards, and lights, making it cost-prohibitive. *The US State Department must certify each year that a foreign nation is cooperating in the war on drugs. The European Union subsidizes its farmers to grow industrial hemp. Those nations are not on this list, because the State Department can tell the difference between hemp and marijuana. *Hemp was grown commercially (with increasing governmental interference) in the United States until the 1950s. It was doomed by the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which placed an extremely high tax on marijuana and made it effectively impossible to grow industrial hemp. While Congress expressly expected the continued production of industrial hemp, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics lumped industrial hemp with marijuana, as it's successor the US Drug Enforcement Administration, does to this day. *Over 30 industrialized democracies do distinguish hemp from marijuana. International treaties regarding marijuana make an exception for industrial hemp. *Canada now again allows the growing of hemp.

Ecology Facts

* Hemp growers can not hide marijuana plants in their fields. Marijuana is grown widely spaced to maximize leaves. Hemp is grown in tightly-spaced rows to maximize stalk and is usually harvested before it goes to seed. *Hemp can be made into fine quality paper. The long fibers in hemp allow such paper to be recycled several times more than wood-based paper. *Because of its low lignin content, hemp can be pulped using less chemicals than with wood. Its natural brightness can obviate the need to use chlorine bleach, which means no extremely toxic dioxin being dumped into streams. A kinder and gentler chemistry using hydrogen peroxide rather than chlorine dixoide is possible with hemp fibers. *Hemp grows well in a variety of climates and soil types. It is naturally resistant to most pests, precluding the need for pesticides. It grows tightly spaced, out-competing any weeds, so herbicides are not necessary. It also leaves a weed-free field for a following crop. *Hemp can displace cotton which is usually grown with massive amounts of chemicals harmful to people and the environment. 50% of all the world's pesticides are sprayed on cotton. *Hemp can displace wood fiber and save forests for watershed, wildlife habitat, recreation and oxygen production, carbon sequestration (reduces global warming), and other values. *Hemp can yield 3-8 dry tons of fiber per acre. This is four times what an average forest can yield. Prepared by the North American Industrial Hemp Council, October 1997

Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule Part one

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp5HOLvKn2I&feature=related www.youmespp.com www.canadians.org zeitgeistmovie.com Zeitgeist Part I: The Greatest Story Ever Told (HQ) - Remastered version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pgRUpDDrb0&annotation_id=annotation_994351&feature=iv Zeitgeist Part II: All The World's A Stage (HQ) - Remastered version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J37jQLIPuqY&NR=1 Money, What Is It? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gizetn5VuA0&annotation_id=annotation_926205&feature=iv Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 3 of 5) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjUrib_Gh0Y&feature=related Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 4 of 5) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BVNN1wqw3k&feature=related Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 5 of 5) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPPFgHF9VR4&feature=related Zeitgeist Addendum - released free online Oct. 3, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r6-o1lpJHU&feature=related Bush Caught Lying About September 11th http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm73wOuPL60&feature=related Only Aired Once About PENTAGON !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcWT2lQszEE&NR=1 The pentagon was not hit by a airliner. See for yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmP2Vy8K0i0&feature=related www.mikejwilson.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc-mrJf45Hg&NR=1 Shivkar Bapuji Talpape - The Vaimanika Shastra >>in the ancient Vedic text called Samaranga Sutradhara http://www.magniwork.com/ zeltgeist-the movie" federal reserve

Understandings Psychology

Psychology is often defined as "The science that deals with mental processes and behavior". In the modern day, there are basically two prevailing schools of thought. 'Geneticists' and 'Behaviorists'... the old notion of "nature vs nurture." The Geneticists are inclined to think that human behavior is derived from heredity and instinct. Often on the news, reports detail how some study claims to find the 'genetic predisposition' 'to being republican' or 'smoking cigarettes'. This supports the world view that we are 'hardwired' in some way and that even subtle nuances of behavior, such as an inclination for addiction, is genetic or "instinctual" in some way. The Behaviorists, on the other hand, see the human being as a product of conditioning, as based on the environmental exposure of that person. Therefore, the actions of a person have a source that is derived from experience or a triggered train of thought, brought on by a learned understanding. The mechanism of action/belief therefore is sourced in learning, not heredity or instinct. Which is more relevant? Obviously, both views are relevant in certain ways. Our interest in surviving and reproducing is imprinted/genetic in some way, as it is directly associated with fundamental survival. However, the means by which survival is obtained is entirely based on the social conditioning of that person. If a person grows up in a scarce, poverty stricken environment, with limited access to employment, they will have more of a propensity to engage in illegal activity to survive... more so, then say a middle class person who has basic needs met. On the other side of the spectrum, if a person with great wealth has grown up in an elitist family and is thus conditioned into thinking that his or her wealth/class serves as a status symbol, they might often exploit those who work for them or perform illegal activities to conform to the identity and social arrogance they think is real. The bottom line is that it is environmental conditioning that really affects 99% of our actions, and all diligent behavior studies have proven this time and time again. People become alcoholics not because they have a genetic predisposition, but because of the influence of their parents or friends. If you abuse a child, very often they grow up to abuse other children. When the mass media promotes a certain idea in society, such as "terrorism", the public is conditioned into believing this is true and a real threat, regardless of reality. The fact is, we are emergent, vulnerable organisms and always undergoing influence, conditioning and change to a certain degree. That 'degree' is largely influenced by the social/ideological identifications which many have been conditioned to think are immutable. This particular state of awareness is where paralysis comes in, for there is nothing in nature to support the conclusion that anything we think about today will not be outdated in the future, for one of the few patterns we can stand behind with a certain degree of confidence(so far) is the reality that all elements of nature are emergent. The 'identification' with a set understandings for the sake of ones integrity is a serious distortion in our world, for it is considered a 'weakness' when a person is proven wrong. This is, of course, absurd, for to be proven wrong is how most learn and it should not be a feared circumstance. Fritz Pearls once said that "The human species is the only species that has the ability to interfere with their own growth". This is an important understanding, for our belief systems, which we think we must keep to support our identities, often stand in the way of new, changing understandings and personal growth. The most dominant institutions which perpetuate this paralysis seem to be Theistic Religion and The Monetary System. Theistic religion promotes a fixed world view, with a "faith" based understanding that rejects logic and new information. The Monetary System ( in all countries) is based on Competition for Labor and thus Labor for Money. Very simply, the "competitive edge" can only be sustained through self-perpetuation, and self- perpetuation/self interest naturally leads to a static institution which prefers not to change, for it threatens the survival of that business, government or the like. This is unsustainable.

Everything you have ever learned is a Lie(3)

Everything you have ever learned is a Lie(3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y3pHdY8LFA&feature=related http://conspiracyrealitytv.com/monopoly-men-the-secret-history-of-the-federal-reserve-system/

Nikola Tesla

http://conspiracyrealitytv.com/free-energy-inventions-pentagon-cover-up-conspiracy/ Who know? 88 mile na galonie or old durty car oil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjLqFSlHWcs&feature=related



Poisen in your mouth


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Zeitgeist Movement